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Living Resources Company - BUGS Parent Company
Providing organic horticultural services for the greater Sacramento California area.

Soil Analysis:

Using LRC's laboratory soil analysis, the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc, and sulfur are determined. Also analyzed are the percent organic matter, pH (acidity/alkalinity), cation exchange capacity (ability of soil to hold on to available nutrients), soluble salts, and excess lime. Test results and recommendations generally take from 3 to 6 weeks.

Results are stated in easy to understand terminology (e.g., high, low). The recommendations are extensive (usually 12-16 pages) explaining what each reading means and how it can be improved using organic fertilizers and soil amendments. For local clients, LRC even offers to manufacture and apply a custom blended organic fertilizer that meets the specific needs of the clients soil.

When is it safe to use the landscape after LRC's routine fertilizer applications?

Chemical applications often are combined with pesticides that create landscapes that are not safe to use until dry (some environmental groups report you should wait three days). In contrast LRC's regular treatments use only natural fertilizer materials making it safe to use immediately following the application. It is not necessary for the leaves to dry (although advisable for maximum benefit) before using.

What other services are available?

Consultations, soil testing (recommended), aeration, overseeding, and pruning (not trees over 15 feet) are available. LRC clients have a hot line to answer any horticultural related problems.

Mowing, irrigation, major tree maintenance, and landscape design and installation services are NOT provided. However, recommendations are given regularly as needed.

What training does LRC personnel have?

LRC has over 30 years experience in providing ecological horticultural services. We utilize the most up-to-date technology available on ecological horticulture. LRC and our pest control applicators are licensed by the State of California (although we do not apply chemical pesticides). Many pesticide applicators are not licensed by the state. (You should always ask to see an applicator's license before allowing them to spray any pesticide. This helps to insure that they are properly qualified to handle pest control products.)

What results can be expected from LRC's services?

This depends on the status of your landscape. After LRC begins our care most landscapes green up shortly after our first fertilizer application. Lawns thicken and choke out competing weeds, shrubs fill in, and vegetable gardens increase their growth rate. Landscapes under stress may take additional care (i.e., lawn aeration) to achieve maximum benefit.

Using a natural management program you may not experience the immediate results you are accustomed to with chemicals. However, in a short time (usually a few days) your plants health and appearance will begin to improve. In time the landscape environment will achieve a healthy balance. Problems caused by pests will be dramatically reduced. This will curtail the amount of time and money spent on pest control. The time involved to achieve a balanced landscape environment will vary depending on the condition of the landscape when the LRC program began.

When can service begin?

A simple phone call can add you to our growing list of satisfied clients. Usually service can begin within a week. You can decide on what combination of services you require. No contract or prepayment is necessary.

Must someone be present when treatments are made?

As long as access is available to all areas to be treated no one need be present. An invoice will be provided for each visit for easy payment.

Is organic landscape care expensive?

The cost of our services will depend on the size of your landscape and the fertility of your soil. For the average home monthly landscape foliar feeding and pest monitoring costs $80.00. Soil fertilizer costs vary depending on the soils current fertility. Ask for a bid on all other available services.

Why should I choose Living Resources Company to maintain my landscape?

LRC's professional technicians are the best trained, most experienced and knowledgeable specialists in ecological horticulture anywhere. We use only the highest quality organic fertilizers available. Pests are managed utilizing the most technologically advanced organic controls available. Free valuable advise and recommendations. LRC works with you to create a beautiful and safe landscape your neighbors will envy. You will see the results and rest easy in the knowledge that your landscape is safe to enjoy without a worry.

In other words Living Resources Company offers the most effective range of ecological horticultural services available.



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